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  • MIDI channel as parameter for switching through patch layers?


    I was just wondering if it is possible (or could be made possible) to use the MIDI channel as another parameter for switching through patches in a layer. Maybe I missed it but I don't think that's currently an option (?)

    I know Synchron isn't multi timbral, and if it doesn't know what midi channel it's currently receiving notes from then there's probably no way, but IF it does know, couldn't that be used as such a parameter like keyswitches, velocity, speed, CC, and so on?

  • MPE makes use of multiple MIDI Channels (1 per note) and I would hope that VSL are working on full MPE implementation rather than anything else. Velocity and Speed on a per note / per finger basis is one of the curent bits of functionality in MPE that;s not yet addressed by VEP and would be stunning for things like Dimension Strings etc.

  • @Louis C When you say Velocity and Speed on a per note basis with respect to MPE what do you mean? Normal MIDI covers Note On velocity and Note Off velocity on a per note basis. Which leaves me wondering what you mean when you refer to Speed.

    Just a beginner