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  • problem with the VI baritone sax

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    I'm pretty new to VSL but not to other things, and being in the middle of a production in which I needed a baritone sax I landed here and made the purchase.
    So I got my baritone sax into the ilok and tried to activate it but it only activates in the cloud... ok let's do it..where is the problem?
    Then I go in the Vienna Assistant and download the product convinced that I could use it with synchron... but nothing appears there if not the free instruments... mumble mumble...
    so I got back to ilok and... well actually the sax in not activated it tells me that I need a 2d generation usb to sctivate!
    What? Will I need a usb key to use this product??? When Mr Kopf is assuring everybody everywhere we don't need that?
    And for what I understand even if I will manage to activate the sax I will have to use a different player... ? The vienna instrument I suppose
    Contacted the support and all they do is asking if I'm logged in my cloud... yes boys I'm logged in ilok, cloud, VSL website and everywhere I need to be logged! I added screenshot in the mail. Now I'm still waiting to understand if and how will I be able to use this product... and begin to be little bored... because...

    notice: in this page:!System_Requirements

    there is not a single word about all these problems... you can have, no exact player is indicated, no mention it is not a synchron player instrument

    and there is no mention about this is an instrument that differently from others need a cloud activation which is ok but... even an usb hardware key??? Hope somebody have the solution here.
    So guys at least I'm expectig to activate this thing with no USB keys otherwise I'd prefer a refund.... and retrietment
    what am I supposed to do with an obsolete instrument?

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear about these troubles.

    Yes, the Baritone Saxophone is only available separately as a Vienna Instruments collections, so it needs the Vienna Instruments Pro Player. It is also available for the Synchron Player in SYNCHRON-ized Saxophones, but only as a collection with all our other saxophones.

    LICENSES: You can definitely activate any permanent license of our products in the ilok cloud. There are some unfortunate messages still contained in the iLok License Center (which we are trying to get rid of), for example that iLok 2 message you had. Really sorry about that.

    Do you want to post some screenshots of the iLok License Center? As soon as you have your iLok Cloud Session open, you should be able to activate and use your license there.

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul thanks for getting in, very nice of you. As you can see I'm telling no lies. The activation problem is not directly solvable in ilok
    In the meanwhile I downloaded the Vienna Player which I find tremendously complicated with explicit reference to matrix and cells in order to use the instruments' articulations. As I said in the previos post the player is clearly an obsolete product by now. Surely not something you can use in two hours or two days. That's very discouraging and dismissing honestly. If you have sychron-ized the sax family it should not be difficult or long to pass also the single instruments of the VI series to synchron. What can you tell me about that?

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    Your VI Baritone Sax license is already activated in your cloud. When attempting to activate it again, the iLOK software shows you the only other (!) viable location - which would be a physical iLOK key. Of course, that step is not necessary.

    And you are right - the Vienna Instruments Pro player (while very powerful) is not as modern and beginner-friendly as our Synchron Player. It certainly has a bit of a learning curve. But it is worth the time investment if you are after highly detailed premium samples.

    Yes, the tutorial videos are quite a few years old by now - but still valid. Playlist below (with 23 videos).


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing