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  • Pro Tools lagging with VEP

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    Hello everybody, thanks for your time reading this, a few days ago I upgraded my OS to Ventura (from Monterrey) and I noticed a problem with VEP and Pro Tools, basically any session that has a vep plugin/server takes a little time to work, the Pro Tools session will open but it doesn't react to anything (any command,screen change,button etc) until certain time, depending on the amount of VEP instances the time changes but in average is about 40 seconds to a minute. I didn't have this problem before, it normally will open and work immediately, so in order to eliminate variables I did a clean install on a secondary drive with only Pro Tools and VEP, nothing else, no plugins (other than the stock PT installation/default plugs) and i got the same behavior, I also noticed that if I open the PT session (with the vep server plugin) without VEP open I get the same lag in operation, even though nothing is connected server-wise. I also tried a clean install going back to Monterey and got the exact same behavior.

    I saw some similar problems with some Cubase versions on a few forum threads, so I'm thinking it may be a Pro Tools problem but I wanted to check if maybe someone else had this situation and maybe a fix.

    Tech Info:

    Pro Tools and VEP on their respective latest versions/builds

    Mac Pro 5,1 - 12core, 96gb ram, OS Ventura 13.6.1

    Many thanks in advance and wishing everybody a good day.

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    Hello again, just a little update (maybe helpful to other Pro Tools users):

    After trying all kinds of settings changes on both ends (Pro Tools and VEP) unfortunately the problem persist, however I did find a workaround that reduces the lag time quite a bit, basically if I make inactive all the tracks with VEP Plugins/Servers the sessions will open immediately with no lag and then I just need to make those tracks active, depending on how many instances this takes about 1 second per instance, i.e. my regular template has 10 instances, so it takes 10 seconds to activate the instances vs 40-60 seconds when opening the sessions with the servers active.

    Is still not ideal and I have to remember to make the servers inactive each time I close a session, which is not great but so far is the only workaround I found to make the process less painful, I hope this helps someone and of course if some PT users around have any input or insights it is highly appreciate it.

    Happy New Year to everybody on this great community.

    Quick note: I'm pretty sure this is a Pro Tools problem and not VEP or OS problem, I just tried the same configuration (tracks, servers etc.) with Cubase and everything open immediately and worked totally fine, no lag,no spining ball,all fast and solid.