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  • VE Pro plugin Crashes Pro Tools when active

    So I just bought VE Pro 7 and was excited to use it with Pro Tools. Now I'm pulling out my hair. No matter the circumstance, an instantiated VE pro plugin will crash Pro Tools when opening a session that it resides in. It only works if you deactivate the plugin before saving your session and exiting. If it is left active upon exit, the session won't open, PT will just crash, and you have to rebuild it via session import. I've tried a number of iterations to fix this and I can't seem to. It doesn't matter if the plugin is connected to the server or not. And it doesn't matter if VE Pro Server is running or not. Its mere existence as an instantiated plugin crashes pro tools. It appears to just be a bad plugin but I'm guessing other people have it working great in PT. Any ideas?


    Pro Tools 2023.9

    VE pro 7

    2019 Mac Pro 192 GB RAM 3.2 GHz 16-Core Intel Xeon W

    Ventura 13.4.1

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    Wait, I have found the variable. It crashes when MIDI tracks are assigned to midi ports in VE. And only with the AAX plugin. If I use a VST wrapper, like Bluecat Patchwork Synth, it works, but this is far more inconvenient. Anyone know how to fix the AAX plugin??

  • Hi BrentBusby,

    We cannot reproduce this crash here - would you mind sending a zipped copy of a (simple!) PT session that crashes on your end to, so we can better look into this?

    Best, Marnix

  • Thank you very much, Marnix. I just sent the email with a simple session.