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  • Best library for playing live with and scoring for keyboard ensemble

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    I'm a piano/ensemble/music theory teacher and I'm looking for an orchestra library to use mainly for playing live, but also might be used for scoring in Sibelius. I have a keyboard ensemble with up to 8 students and we play different kind of orchestral music like classical, film scores etc. Up until now we've used hardware synthesizers, digital pianos and other gadgets but the sound possibilities are quite limited and it's also a lot of work to put get everything in place for every rehearsal. Therefor I'm looking for a suitable sample library that cover sthe essential instruments, solo and ensemble groups, with the most common and useful articulations and expressions that works and responds well for live playing. My idea is to connect multiple midi controllers to one computer (MacBook Pro) and use that one computer as a sound source for all the players. It's crucial that the solution is easy to work with and the set up won't be too time consuming yet not limiting in possibilitys regarding sound and expression. As for now I have MainStage but thinking of Gig performer as it suports multiple instances and multiple sound cards. It also needs to be efficient with computer resources so it's stable in live situations. I have been looking at the VSL Synchron prime edition or the Synchron smart orchestra. Are these good options or/and are there better options for my use case? What would you say are the pros and cons of these two librarys for my use case?

  • Hi!

    Synchron Smart Orchestra might be an exciting option there!

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • @Andreas8420 said:


    Synchron Smart Orchestra might be an exciting option there!

    Thank you.

    Except for the price difference, would you say that the smart orchestra is a better option tnan the prime edition for this use case?