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  • Public Support Request: Need to switch licenses from old iLok account to new one, no response?

    Hello, over 24 hours ago I submitted a request to have my licenses transferred from my old iLok account to my new one, that is associated with a new email address for privacy purposes. (I no longer trust Gmail).

    I have not heard a response since, or even an acknowledgement other than a basic auotmated response. Looking up the history of VSL support on these forums as well as others such as VI-CONTROL kind of worries me also. I am on a tight schedule and planned on using MIRPRO 3D for my project, but unless a transfer goes through soon I am out of luck. I have already transferred some licenses of other products I own over to my new iLok account, so I can't even use MIRPRO 3D and the pack I bought with it until it is all transferred to my said new email account. (iLok understandably only allows one account open on a computer at a time).

    I understand it's the holidays, and support may be busy, however the predicament is quite frustrating. I was not aware it would be such a process to transfer licenses to a new account, the frustration only increasing with getting no response from support thus far, coupled with the aforementioned expereinces others have stated they have had with receiving support.

    I bought MIRPRO 3D some time ago to use in a future project, that project being the one I have been working on recently, and when I went to use it for mixing, all of these issues came to light. This experience will definitely make me read the fine print for any purchases in the future, or at least scour any company's website to see if they use iLok, and what their policies are conerning it's use before I purchase. I'm not sure if that's a lesson any company would want to be learned from them specifically due to a frustrating experience, though.

    Either way, I don't mind paying any fees for the transfer, I just need it completed so that I can even use MIRPRO 3D on my project(s).

    Any help from VSL is appreciated, thanks


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    Hi Steve,

    It is indeed a very busy time, but we are always doing our best.

    If you have not received a confirmation from our ticket system, chances are that your mail didn't go through.

    Please send it again, to or PM it to me (I have contacted you), so we can check the details.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL