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  • third time trying to install Altair

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    1) hangs at "100%", with no completed zip file. Vienna Assistant does not seem to know how to install once downloaded.

    2) did download only. Appears to have completed, all green light but again no completed zip file I can manually install and a folder of .x and .y and an info file like the older installations, that i don't know what to do with.

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    never mind. the .x and .y and .info magically made usable files upon moving them. but VA does not successfully install anything here, at two locales. 1) at home Synchron Player and VEP7; 2) another whole town's public library that doesn't block torrents, Altair.

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    VA does not show Altair as installed, but it loads in synchron player. trying to add it manually causes another hang.

    also VA showing both Synchron Player and VEP as not installed. I suppose that if they work it's not a real problem...

    another issue: how is 89GB not enough space to install the 64GB of Capricorn?

  • Hi civilization 3,

    Sounds like something is not right.

    Please get in touch with, best with some screenshots and the support file you can create in the Vienna Assistant.

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL