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  • Loading Vienna Ensemble Pro Server on new drive

    Hello Paul,

    I thought I knew something about running VSL, but apparently not... After replacing the main drive with a new one, upon loading Vienna Ensemble Pro Server, I get this:

    Needless to say, uninstall/install was done, but the problem persists.

    Since you’re undeniably the main guru in the company, I thought you may have a solution.

    Kind regards.


    Midney Media

    iMac/Retina 5K/27-inch,2020/Memory 128GB/Ventura 13.6.1

  • Hi Boris,

    I may chime in for Paul here...

    Which exact version of VE Pro have you currently installed?

    Had you already switched to iLok before replacing your system drive?

    Best, Marnix