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  • VE Pro 7 - Lag when opening and closing folders in instance with many channels and complex structure

    Hi all

    is anyone else experiencing lag when opening and closing channel folders in VE Pro 7?
    I'm restructuring my big orchestra template and need maaaaany channels bc I want to controll microphone positions outside of SYNCHRON player and thus need 4 or 5 channels per instrument. Spreading everything over multiple instances would be disadvantageous for several reasons.

    I noticed, after having some 180 channels in various folders, that opening and closing folders in the left pannel starts to occasionally get prohibitively slow (1-2 sec to update lower folder structures). And I'm not even 50% done with the setup. This is especially frustrating as there is no way to hide (for example deactivated) channels.

    I'm on a i7 14700, so cpu can't be the issue. System is Windows 11.

    Thanks for any help in advance.