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  • Won't Show installed Programs?

    so long story short, I've been having one computer have issues with VEPRO. It crashes my DAW 80% of the time I connect to it, but it freezes for a long time either way - and even when it does finally connect it is crackly and sluggish. So I finally figured I'd try updating VEPRO on both my primary machine and that slave machine. It didn't fix it, but I noticed a bit of an odd behavior from Vienna Assistant.

    I can click install for VEPRO and it'll download and install it before immediately presenting me the option to do it again. Likewise it shows nothing has been installed in the system. VEPRO still shows up as a program you can open, however it simply doesn't list it as an installed product on vienna assistant.

    Still trying to figure out why VEPRO is performing so poorly on that machine but in the mean time trying to confirm that this isn't part of the problem. Sometimes I stream.