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  • VEPRO blocking Metagrid Pro commands

    I have finally figured out what has been a very long standing issue for me and it involves Metagrid Pro and VEPro.
    If VEPro is the front most active app in the Mac, and then buttons are pressed in Metagrid such as articulation change commands, while VEPro is the active app, most of the commands are blocked and are not passed through Metaserver until any other app is selected in the Mac. This has been going on for me ever since Metaserver 3.4 and higher. Also, at least in my case, VEPro must be connected to Digital Performer for this issue to occur. If I have Digital performer as the front most app, the Metagrid commands go through perfectly.
    Is anybody else experienceing this? I wonder if the Metaserver app is getting jammed up when it sees VEPro is front and center. I spent hours on this today and have completely narrrowed it down to some aspect of VEPro--but like I mentioned, I used to use Metaserver 3.3.1 and didn't have any of these issues.