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  • BBO - unable to load in Synchron player

    As the title, I cannot load any free instruments in the Synchron player, or my DAW, Reaper. It does not look like there are many new posts, is this product still active? (maybe I'm the last person in the world to download)

    I believe I followed the instructions: install iLok, install Vienna Assistant. I then used V.A. to install BBO, which I thought were the only two steps. No errors on any install, and I believe I took the defaults.

    I'm not sure what information to give here, and can provide any as needed. Attached are screenshots in Synchron for error and paths.

    I hope to get past this issue, as I am eager to start playing with it.

  • Hi Jim! Could you please send us your Vienna Assistant Support File via We will take a look. Thanks!

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Issue was solved with a new install of the iLok program from

    Thanks again to the Vienna team for their quick response!