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  • MIR 3D Power House, Studio one 6.5, windows 11 and latency

    I am demoing Power House and have an issue with latency in studio one 6.5. In the first photo studio one is showing a latency of 0.0 ms (CPU setting in MIR 3D). This works as expected and allows me to play instruments in real time from my keyboard and hear the instrument through the MIR pro 3D insert vst plugin. When I switch to GPU(powerhouse) studio one reports a latency of 46.4 ms. With a buffer setting of 256 on my rme interface and a buffer setting of zero on the MIR 3D settings page studio one disables the Mir 3D plugin when playing an instrument from my keyboard because the latency of the MIR plugin is to high.

    Is there anyway to get this latency down in GPU mode and make it function the same as CPU mode.