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  • 7.3.3440 scans VST3 forever -> UVI WORKSTATION, OPUS

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    after my updates round-kick VePro runs a VST3 scan forever on two of my up-to-date Plugins:

    OPUS (east west)


    For now I have to SKIP with the error "failed validation"

    anyone else noticing this?

  • same here, but it's not a problem for me cause I use Komplete Kontrol as only instrument inside VEP

  • Hm... For me, just UVI Relayer failed. UVI Workstation & EastWest Opus scanned and load just fine. (Win 11 & VST3)

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    For me, Opus (v1.4.2) is also not loaded as VST3 (neither is Falcon (v3.0.1)).

    VEP 7.3.3502 on Win10

  • Opus doen'st work for me either. Haven't tried UVI...

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  • any news on this?

  • It would be good to get some news on this.. I can't get several NI VST3's through the scanning process, Either VEPro freezes, or the scanning software freezes. Also had VE prop open another instance in the background and go through the process which also ends up freezing. I've ticketed this with support again as this is really affecting my work.

  • How do I get this version that supports VST3?