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  • Power House - Pro Tools Rosetta?

    I've noticed that MIR Pro 3D "GPU" mode aka Power House will not currently work (constant beach ball) if Pro Tools is opened in Rosetta. Will this potentially change? Obvoiusly I'd prefer to work in Native, but some plugins aren't there yet and I typically need to mix in Rosetta. Curious if there will be any implementation that will allow GPU mode to work in Pro Tools Rosetta (running current version 2023.9 on Mac Studio M1 Ultra)

  • Hi! We just released a Hotfix Update (v7.2.3652) via Vienna Assistant. Hosts in Rosetta Mode will no longer crash/freeze when enabling GPU Convolution. But the host must run natively on Apple Silicon hardware for GPU processing.

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing