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  • VE Pro and macOS Big Sur

    How long can we expect VEP, and other software like Synchron Player, Pianos etc, to support macOS Big Sur (11.7.10)?
    Any indications?
    I’m a bit worried since one of my computers is a MacPro5,1 and you need to run the same version of VEP on all machines on a network.
    Also, my main Mac is a MacPro7,1 (2019), which is not supported by the new Vienna Power House, a fact that makes me wonder about VSL’s strategies regarding ”old” hard- and software.
    Obviously, a developer can’t keep supporting previous generations of technology forever, but as a customer, I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, so it would be good to get some info on Big Sur, and an explanation why the Vienna Power House doesn’t support pre-Silicon.
    Ist he latter due to technical difficulties or a strategical decision?

  • Hi H_kan,

    It's hard to make any predictions here. But Big Sur was the first macOS to support Apple Silicon hardware (M1). So, there is a good chance Apple will support it for years to come. (Meaning we can keep it in the system requirements, too).

    The same can not be said for macOS 10.14/15 (Mojave & Catalina)

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Thank you Andreas,

    What’s the reason the Vienna Power House doesn’t support pre-Silicon?
    Technical difficulties or a strategic decision?
    Are you aware of any other software that uses the GPU on Big Sur?