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  • Powerhouse on an MkI Mac Mini

    I saw on the site that the minimum requirement for Powerhouse is an M1 Pro/Max/Ultra.

    I'm running an original MacMini M1 (16 gig) with a 10/8/6/6/3 Chamber ensemble inside Salzburg Festspeilhaus in Mir Pro3D and it's running beautifully. The Chamber ensemble itself is running on another machine in VEPro.

    It seems to save about 10 ->15 % of my CPU usage when I switch to GPU POWER and the GPU History (in Activity Monitor) shows a doubling of GPU usage up to about 75% from about 30% when running on the CPU.

    Whilst I appreciate that people may well want to run many more instruments simultaneously I though I'd at least post that it works on an 'entry' level machine and will suit me perfectly.

    Congratulations to Dietz and the MIR team.

    Visionary work.

  • Hi Louis C,

    Thanks so much for posting your experience!

    You will see the benefits with bigger arrangements as well.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL