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  • Libraries not loading, red crosses on patches

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    Yesterday it worked, today it doesn't, and I don't recall any significant event that could have caused this.

    I have a couple locally-activated libraries, and cloud-activated libraries. The problem is specifically about all Synchronized Special Edition volumes.

    Inside the Synchron Player, all the locally-activated libraries show up, but none of the cloud-activated libraries show up on the presets nor patches pane. Since I have not downloaded and installed Celestial Strings nor Big Bang Orchestra: Free Basic, they don't show up under presets. I have downloaded and installed Fujara Flute, Soft Imperial and Violin Runs, however.

    My troubleshooting starts with whether or not the product is activated. From the first picture in this post, you can see that the Special Editions are indeed activated. The next step is to check whether Vienna Assistant thinks the content is downloaded or not. All libraries are listed under "Installed", so that checks out.

    When navigating into one of the libraries, all boxes are checked under Component Selection, telling me that the content is indeed downloaded and installed.

    The next step is then to open the settings modal in the Synchron Player. In here, you can add and remove volume scan paths. All the Special Edition folders have been there both before and after it stopped working, so the problem persists.

    The next step is to try to create a fresh Cubase project. I have two versions of Vienna Synchron Player installed - one with VST version 2.4, and one with VST version 3.7.7. Screenshot taken from Studio > VST Plug-in Manager.

    However, even with trying a fresh Cubase project, and loading instances of both 2.4 and 3.7.7, the libraries still aren't loaded. I'm at a loss. Any help greatly appreciated!

  • Hi! My best guess is the iLOK Cloud Session expired. You can re-activate it via iLOK License Manager Menu > Files > "Open Your Cloud Session". Best, Andreas

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • You were totally right!! After opening my cloud session, all my cloud-activated libraries were loaded. Thank you so much!