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  • Recording CC MIDI Controller

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    I have a question? If you have already written for example a melodic line (in Dorico, Finale, Sibelius or whatever and VSL Library): Is it possible to record CC Midi controller while I listen to it?🤔 For example: I play the piece and at the same time that I am listening it I work moving the faders of a CC Midi controller (I have a Novation LaunchControl XL) to record them. Might I do that? How?

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  • Hello

    I have the same question using Logic Remote and Logic

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  • In Cubase you can do that even with open Editor. In my Opinien its no Problem. You can also Translate the CC-Message directly to Expression-Map Data.

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    I use custom touchOSC templates in my iPad to automate cc parameters. If you have touchOSC and an iPad, I'll glady post up the files for Duality, Elite and Synchron Pro strings. The answer to your question is yes, more complex cc work is normally applied after a track has been recorded and is best applied as the music is playing for the best musical feel.