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  • VSL Articulation Solution Idea for VSL Tech Boffins

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    Hi VSL Tech Boffins,

    At least hear me out! 😊

    The Challenge:

    Trying to communicate from Synchron player to the DAW (in my case Cubase) a specific articulation at a specific point in the composition as intuitivley as possible.

    To be done in a way that doesnt require any templates or (lengthy) lists and can be effected spontaneously so as not to stop the creative flow when it strikes.

    The Solution Idea:

    Using the mouse, the composer selects the desired articulation in Synchron player (intuitive, easy and quick) and ensures the playhead is at the appropriate point within the DAW to "print" or "record" that selected articulation. The DAW will likely need to be in step record (in cubase atleast)

    Then, the composer presses the (new) "print" or "Articulation Record" button (or something similar) in the synchron player. In turn the Synchron player sends all of the key switch midi notes for that articulation to the DAW and are recorded as, say 8th notes or whatever note length of your choosing.

    Then for example in the next bar, short notes are needed - no need to spend time with the pencil tool in Cubase drawing key switches; simply put the playhead where the shorts start (or just before) select the appropriate articulation effortlessley with the mouse in Synchron player and hit the Articulation Record "AR" button.

    If you could select the note length for the "AR" button, you could even set the length for the whole phrase of, say 8 bars, and have the advantage of continuous controllers whereby even if you hit play in the middle of the phrase the correct articulations will always play.


    (OK - I will get off my soap box shorlty!)

    The Sychron Player IS the expression map; if there were no limits on what was possible within Cubase expression maps, the ULTIMATE expression map would look like... Well the synchron player...

    So inverse this - all that is needed is for Synchron to transmit a few midi notes and you have a simple, elegant and highly effective key swithing solution that has all of the benefits of cc data, key switches and could even be used on user templates. And from the users perspective, all available from one simple "AR" button.


  • Hello Nessein!

    We already have this option in Synchron Player. See point 4 in the Synchron Player manual under GUI Overview.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Andi,

    Thank you.