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  • Vienna Symphonic Library!

    I became aware of Vienna Symphonic Library many, many years ago, when every VSL sound library disk of thousands of performance articulations of every Music pitch was $1,000.00 USD to $1,500.00 USD, to say the least, for Mainframe computers, as for Network Computers in recording/production Studios connected to Mainframe computers... I loved the very same Demo recordings we enjoy these days, in those days, all of the demo recordings were downloadable, then were not during more recent years... so, many, many years ago I contacted a very, very serious Paul Kopf with my request for a future of downloadable VSL libraries of the common performance articulations... after many, many years, as you see, we now enjoy all of the best of the VSL articulations in downloadable libraries! Fun, and Tradition, to further Music Tradition, became reality with multisampling and the VSL sound engine for full editing and for highest resolution of the highest definition multisamples! I would love a few more of the classic, "Classical" multiple articulations... Marco/Tremolo, Arco/Tremolo, Vivante, to include some f THE other articulations, as of one of the other of THE Music VST companies with Marco/Tremolo and Arco/Tremolo presets one can not edit, separate, combine as VSL Vienna Instruments Pro would, hopefully will, provide. When I was age 16, I had recommendations for Juilliard and The Manhattan School of Music, yet continued to review the "Classical" Music Repertory Music Compositions until age 30... then I realized, realised, after seeing so many musicians in progressive popular music custom tune, with custom musical instruments, too, you can Tune for Exact Temperament Tuning from Equal Temperament Tuning with all of the intervals of Pitches and Octaves in 100% 2 : 1, 1 : 2, Proportion to Maintain and Further the 2 : 1, 1 : 2, Proportion from Pythagoras with his Monochord musical instrument, and Tune to- and from, his 256 Tuning, to include the Maintenance and Furtherance of Transpositions for Tuning for Music flows of Pitches, Intervals, Chords to- and from all 12 Tones for whole Pitch Ranges, as every one of the 12 Tones is a Scale/Key first Pitch. Fun!