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  • Mixer: Microphones with wrong namings

    Since I have installed Duality Strings and installed a new version of the Synchron Player the microphones in my other libraries are totally messed up. I have the current version installed now, but it's the same.

    I haven't checked all libraries... but it's happening with Elite Strings and Strings Pro.

    Attached is a screenshot of Elite Strings with the "Decca Tree Classic" preset. The Synchron Player takes over the namings of Duality Strings (you can see the separation of A and B microphones) and changes the order. There is no logic behind this.

    Wondering if other users having the same issue?


  • Hello Pixelpoet1985!

    We have already fixed that for the next Synchron Player version. In the meantime you can select the option "Rename" by rightclicking the channel name. Then simply hit the return key and the correct name will be displayed. Sorry for the inconviniences.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library