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  • VEP 7 and Cubase pro 12 play/stop


    When I try to stop a sequence in Cubase 12 pro and I am scrolling through some instrument presets in a VEP vst, the play head goes back to the beginning of the sequence ( return to start position in Cubase is what I want) but it doesn't stop, just automatically plays. Using VEP and Cubase in the same Windows 11 machine. I really would like to be able to control Cubase even when clicking on VEP( at least stop/play), is it possible? I noticed that in VEP the play symbol lights white and remain lit even if I press space bar (stop) in Cubase, could it be the problem?


  • Sorry, does it make sense? Unable to start/stop cubase when editing a VST inside VEP.

    May be a moderator could help?