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  • Has there been an iLok server failure in the recent past?

    There have been a lot of times lately when I get a notification that my cloud session is closed, and when I open the Synchron Player, I don't see any libraries other than the free instruments.
    When this happens, opening the iLok License Manager and reopening the cloud session will solve the problem. I hope this is helpful.

    eku542 (Windows10, Cubase, Dorico)
  • Hi Takaeku,

    After iLOK maintenance, it can happen that the cloud session gets automatically closed. We know that this is not ideal and catches some users off guard. While the "fix" for this is fairly simple (clicking "Open Your Cloud Session"), at least PACE does put announcements into the iLOK License Manager a week or two, beforehand.

    Good post and thank you for sharing your screenshots with other people!


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
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    Hi Andreas,

    Actually I was very impatient at first because I had missed the notification that the session was closed.
    I will keep this kind of problem in mind, thank you.

    eku542 (Windows10, Cubase, Dorico)
  • I appreciate how the iLok failures I experienced a few days ago didn't translate in any of my programs crashing. As soon as I reopened my iLok cloud session, VEP, Synchron Player and MIR restarted working normally.