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  • Mixer presets not showing up?

    OK maybe this is a total noob question but...


    If I e.g. edit a Duality Cellos preset, fiddle with the mixer settings, then from the MIX window choose "Add current mixer settings as preset", enter a name and save. Bang, fine, now I can see it shows up in my mixer preset list. BUT ONLY for this very instance of Synchron Player. I can't load it/see it in any other instances? What am I missing?

  • Custom Mixer Presets are stored in custom Instrument Presets. If you load the matching User instrument preset your mixer preset should be in there.

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
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    Thanks. Wow, so you can't share these mixer presets to other instrument presets without having to individually save files for each? That seems... convoluted and illogical, really. E.g. if I am working on a template where I use one preset for legato, one for longs, one for shorts for vlns1, each time I tweak a mixer setting for the longs and want to apply that to legato and shorts, I have to SAVE to disk, then LOAD from disk for the other instances?


    Also it would be time saving to match your mix setups for all sections across the board, if you could just load the same preset for all presets/sections.

  • You can't overwrite the build-in instrument presets, and since mixer presets are part of instrument presets a copy of the entire default instrument preset is created.
    But it's possible to store multiple mixer presets in one user instrument preset, you simply have to load the user instrument preset first - no copy is being created, but be aware that you will overwrite the preset as laoded instrument presets are not being synced.

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist