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  • VE Pro: Temporarily edit single channel in group with modifier keys

    Hi all

    I'm working on the routing setup for my orchestra. For this I'm looking for something to mimic the VCA fader functionality of Cubase/Nuendo, which I can mostly achieve with groups. However, in Nuendo I can temporaely disable the link between the channels by pressing the Alt key and thus am able to temporarily set - for example - a single fader of the group to a different volume wihtout the rest of the group being affected. When editing the group after that, the single different fader will move along relatively to the rest of the group (while absolutely remaining on a different level). VE Pro behaves the same with channels that have different volumes when being grouped (subsecuent changes keep the relative difference between the volumes) but I haven't found a way to temporarily unlink the channels and edit a single one. It seems that I have to switch the single channels group to "none", edit the volume and then add it to the group again to achieve the desired behaviour. 

    Am I missing something or is this feature not existing at the moment? (In the latter case I would request it, of course).

    Thanks for your help

  • Have you looked at using folders? Folders have a fader as well.

  • @derAbgang said:

    Have you looked at using folders? Folders have a fader as well.

    Yes, I thought of that and consider it a work around. I find it a bit suboptimal in terms of clarity when a fader that is not part of the signal chain is influencing the volume of a group of channels without a clear visual indication. If the folder fader would scale the sliders of the channels inside, that would be what I'm looking for.