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  • To Sync or Not To Sync... Help!

    Hi VSL Fam,

    I own a few VI products and have been reading all about the Syncron-ized versions of said libraries. 

    Would I be correct in concluding that the "philosophy" behind the new Syncron-ized sample player is to make getting the right sound and selecting the most appropriate articulations within the composition both faster and easier? This is a pertinent question for me, given that the VI matrix model was (and is) so functional. Why the change?

    If I am on the right track, I am keen on the idea of spending more time composing and less on tweaking / adjusting MIR etc. when the VSL team would do a far better job at "getting that sound" than I will ever be able to. 

    A few other quesitons:

    I am assuming that once a crossover package is purchased, the entire sample library would need to be re-downloaded?

    For new libraries, is there any merit in purchasing the VI versions and spending a little more to then purchase the crossover packages? Can the reverse happen? ie purcahse the Syncron-ized version and cross over to the VI version? Everything seems to be going Syncron-ized / Synchron now - so very keen to know the advantages. 

    Would love to hear your feedback.


    Kind Regards,



  • Anyone? 

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    Hi Nessein,

    Yes, the SYNCHRON-ized libraries are all powered by the Synchron Player and the main benefits are:

    • Instant "Synchron" sound, out of the box and without the need to tweak anything
    • Compatibility between ranges (Synchron, SYNCHRON-ized, BBO, SMART Series) so that you can mix and match them all as you like
    • The Synchron Player itself comes with a modern, intuitive & user-friendly interface

    As for your other questions:

    We only offer crossgrades FROM the VI Series TO their SYNCHRON-ized counterparts. But if you really like the VI Pro player, its incredible range of features or simply its matrix workflow, then it can definitely make sense to opt for the VI + SYNCHRON-ized route (while taking advantage of all the big crossgrade discounts)

    If you already have SYNCHRON-ized instruments and you are definitely thinking about adding the corresponding VI series, you could get in touch with our sales team - maybe they can offer you a custom solution >

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing