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  • Synchron Presets saved with DAW Project


    I just downloaded some tutorials for Synchron Prome Edition and noticed that the presets are stored in the DAW project and are loaded automatically when I open a particular DAW project. This is great, music can have different characters and need different settings and this is super fast!

    By the way, I watched some tutorials on You Tube and read the manual, but I couldn't find how to do it. The presets do not appear in the User presets folder but are loaded automatically.

    How can I do this?

  • Synchron Player settings are always stored with the DAW session. This way you can send your DAW project to another person and as long as he has teh right libraries and licenses installed he will be able to use your settings.

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
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    Thank you Ben,🙂

    "Synchron Player settings are always stored with the DAW session. "

    But the presets of these tutorials are all stored in a folder. 

    I work with Digital Performer and when I save a project using Sinchron Player there are no folder with presets.

    I do not want to save them as "clippings" (this is the name that DP uses for some tracks template) because I also work with other DAWs because of different customers.

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    Are you referring to User Presets, maybe ...?


    Or is it the creation of Custom Presets you're looking for?


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you for answer but this is what I mean:



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    Hi laurof,

    Please open the Synchron Player settings and check the custom preset folder. This is where you could copy the Recipe 02 presets into, if you want to be able to load them in other projects, too. It's not necessary for the demo project at hand, because the used custom settings are also saved within the DAW project itself for each, individual track (as mentioned by Ben).


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • My apologize, I've now understood!