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  • Vienna Konzerthaus Organ with orchestra

    I wanted to put this piece here as it is one of the demos on the website but I made a major change in the orchestration. I am printing the scores and player's parts for sale, and so was thinking about the practicality of the piece.   It originally had a very small pipe organ part, which is an extremely impractical thing to do for music intended to be played live.  If you are going to bother to call for a pipe organ you'd better at least use it a lot!  So I have written more pipe organ for the piece (as opposed to more cowbell) and also it was remixed in MIR Pro 3D which is such a fantastic sound.  The pipe organ in the Vienna Konzerthaus is one of the most perfect sample libraries ever, with all stops recorded flawlessly in the space of the magnificent hall.  And so it becomes the complex and difficult matter of actually using what an organist would do concerning the stops.  I tried though I am sure organists might do something different with the registrations. However, the ones I used are all  authentic possible registrations, without any weird doubling.  The entire orchestra was recorded using all Vienna Instruments, the beautiful library that is still my absolute favorite of any (though Synchron and the new VSL libraires are equally awesome).    

    Age of Light - Symphonic Poem

  • Always a delight for me to listen to one of your beautifully composed and presented original works, William. Thanks so much for posting this lovely piece. And I enjoyed the bonus of not only the Konzerthaus Organ but also the superbly crafted full score on screen in realtime. Very well done!

  • Thanks Macker, I appreciate it!