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  • Installation of library gets stuck at a random percentage


    I've been trying to install this library, and every time it's done downloading, its installation process gets stuck at a random percentage. The last time it was at 88%, now at 11%. I have enough space in the SSD it is being installed on, and what seems to happen is that the green line for Current Speed plummets, the estimated time keeps rising and rising past 5 hours and then it disappears.

    I would appreciate some help, as this is not exactly the best first experience to have with this. Am I missing something?

  • Hello, 

    Did you check that your drive is formatted correctly (not ExFAT)?

    If that doesn't help, please get in touch with with some more information about your setup!

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I managed to make it work by setting it up such that it would only download it first. I then installed it as a separate step.

    Sorry for the late reply, but I came down with something that same day and I'm barely functional. 😆

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for the update!

    Shouldn't be like that... Please let me know if it happens again, maybe you're on to something there!

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL