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  • Suddenly Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 VST 2 are not showing up in VE Pro.

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    EDIT: You need to run VE Pro in Rosetta mode in order to use VST2, just like Cubase.


    Hi! As the title says. They both show up and work perfectly in Cubase and Reaper but not VE Pro Server. Just last week they were working perfectly, and I'm not sure what happened. I'm on a Mac Studio Ultra M2 and haven't installed anything new for over a month.

    Important: Since I have Kontakt 5 VST 2 working perfectly on Cubase and Reaper as I said, I know it's not the demo issue with Kontakt 5 on silicone Macs, and the issue is there with Kontakt 6 VST 2 which doesn't suffer from that NI issue on silicone Macs. 

    I tried un-installing and re-installing VEP, which didn't fix the issue.  

    (Side note: Even after uninstalling and re-installing VEP it didn't scan for new plugins on start, just had the existing plug-in list already there. I then did a reset and rescan, which didn't fix the issue. I can't seem to find all of the VEP preferences on Mac to try and delete them all by hand. I deleted everything in main and hidden Library/Preferences that had VSL in the title, but the plugin list still comes up. Where are ALL of the VEP Preferences on Mac?).