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    hi there eveyone


    i read a lot of good ideas on the other forums and i'll be glad to share them with the vsl itself so we can have them one day

    the features that'll make these amazing libraries complete


    01 silent key

    02 proper symathetic modeling

    03 color changer

    this is not the timbra shift feature at all

    some kontakt libraries have it and it makes playing pianos so much more intuitive (it's the combonation of a subtle low pass eq on every single note based on the frequencies, decresing midi sensitivity and increasing dynamics)  i know we can do this already but it takes so much time especially the note by note eq - having it as a knob would be awesome

    and i'm pretty sure i've missed something

    you say😉

  • Hi mehrshad, 

    All valid points. We hear you! 

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • @Paul said:

    Hi mehrshad, 

    All valid points. We hear you! 

    wow😍 didn't expect that

    thanks paul

  • Of the aforementioned ideas I'd say the sympathetic resonance would be the most interesting/valuable to try out. 


    God bless,


    F308, D-274, 280VC, Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial, Vienna Imperial
  • I up the aforementioned aforementioning aforemention. 😁

    Hello my friends and welcome back, Vincent here | Composer for film and media | VSL Content Creator