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  • How to get MIR 3D to place instruments automatically

    Hi All,

    So  - with the new MIR 3D, is there a way to raise a VIP instrument and get MIR 3D to place that insturment in the correct place with correct reverb settings? Similar to MIR x?

    I know you can assign roles, however given I want to change and experiment on the fly, is there a super lazy way to get MIR 3D to do everything automatically? 

    I appreciate later down the track, adjustments may be made but I want a good starting point instantly. 

    Many thnaks in advance for any guidance you can offer.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Lee,

    what was called "MIRx Mode" in legacy MIR Pro is now part of the deep and flexible Preset Management of MIR 3D. All these settings are still available in the form of the so-called "Vienna Standards" - with the most notable difference that custom settings (be they adjustments to existing ones or new ones) can be handled in the same way. This was made possible by introducing the concept of "roles" as a interconnecting element of a ready-made venue and the function that an MIR Instrument Icon takes over in that specific environment.

    The foundation are the well-known Instrument Profiles that define the "content" of an Icon. In the case of the Vienna Instruments used in the Vienna Ensemble, there is still the possibility that MIR automatically "guesses" these profiles based on the samples loaded in the player. However, if you use MIR 3D as a plug-in in your DAW, you must first assign these profiles manually. - This is a somewhat tedious step, but there is no way to have MIR "talking" to other plug-ins in the channels of your DAW, as is possible in Vienna Ensemble. OTOH, this makes it possible to include actual audio recordings as possible targets for MIR 3D's Role presets, too.

    All you have to do now is to load a Venue Preset and to decide whether your orchestral strings are used in the 1st or 2nd violin position, or whether your flute is part of the woodwind ensemble or the soloist ... you get the idea. That's pretty much the MIRx way of doing things. :-) This means that you can also just load another Vienna Standards Venue preset and all the icons will "magically" find their positions and parameter settings in the new Venue.

    And now the good news: Once you have saved your own creations, this will also happen when you recall _them_! Just remember that the Role (or actually the name of the Role) is the criterion that ties everything together.

    Don't miss this little "How To"-section in MIR 3D's manual:


    It will need a little practice to really grasp all the finer details of this unique concept, but once you wrapped you mind around it you will be able to do complex orchestra setups from scratch in almost no time.

    Oh, and before you ask: You _don't have to_ save anything in MIR's Preset Management if you don't want to. Your computer will still do all the data storage - just without any specific "knowledge" about MIR 3D.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks as always Dietz - indeed, now I have my head around it, it's fairly straight forward.