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  • If you have been writing movie/game/TV trailer music, may I interview you for a Uni Project?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm currently doing my Bachelor's in Audio Production and Engineering. We now have a project where we need to pretend to work in a field for two semesters. For this project, we have been asked to interview a professional in the field we've chosen.

    I chose working with library music, with more focus on Trailer music specifically. So for this I would like to interview someone who has been working in this field. It doesn't matter too much if you haven't written trailer music specifically. Any form of Epic Orchestral music will suffice. 

    The interview will probably not take longer than 30 mins, and for that I could send you a Google meeting invite. If you want to answer the questions in text instead, I can of course send you my questions in a written format. 
    If possible, I'd love to do the interview this week!

    I'm a bit new to this forum but I got a recommendation to post here. 

    Let me know!

    Thanks in advance!