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  • Synchron Player steals focus from Cubase 12


    I've been having an issue with the apple silicon version of Synchron Player and the latest cubase, it's persisted since the first version to the latest updates.

    When first instantiating the player, some process steals focus from cubase, cubase is moved to the background and the desktop is shown. Sometimes focus restores to cubase within a couple of seconds, sometimes not.

    Secondly, sometimes selecting the plugin interface will disable key commands in cubase such as the playback and record functions, also stealing focus from the DAW.

    Running the latest updates of everything on MacOS 12.6.9

  • It's done that on OS13.6. May have quit for OS14 Sonoma.

  • Using an event viewer I found that it's vienna assistant stealing focus, I assume this is something to do with library translation, is it possible that VSL could update this process to run in the background & not steal focus from the DAW?