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  • Performance differences Cubase vs Logic on M1 Macs of Synchron Player

    Hey folks,

    I am seeing huge performance differences between Logic and Cubase on an M1 Mac, which I can't explain but by a behaviour in the player that I can't figure out.

    I have created a blank project just for benchmarking, with the exact same setting in VSL Synchron Player engine. I have 16 woodwind tracks and 9 brass tracks (25 in total) in both Logic and Cubase. I am just simulating a tutti I had on my last project where I started getting pops and cracks.

    My setup:

    • M1 Max, 64 GB, Monterey 12.7
    • Testing Cubase 12 Pro and Logic Pro 10.7.9
    • 128 bytes buffer; 32 bit summing, high ASIO / large process buffer
    • No FX / reverb running in the Synchron player
    • No other VST FX in the DAW
    • 25 Synchron tracks (4x4 woodwinds + 3x3 brass)
    • In all cases, native Arm64 binaries (Logic AU, Cubase VST3, and for fun Studio One VST3 and AU)

    What I am seeing:

    1. Logic is busy, but there are zero drops (using AU)
    2. Cubase is totally maxed out (using VST3)
    3. If I run the same experiment with SINE, Cubase runs absolutely fine, and Logic is barely busy
    4. If I run the same experiment in Studio One Pro 6.5, I see the same behaviour as in Cubase for both VST3 and AU

    I have posted some screenshots on VI-C.

    I don't know how to debug this or find out what's wrong. I would really prefer to work with Cubase, but right now it seems that if I want to do a full Synchron project with ww/brass/perc/choir/strings, I need to use Logic. And no, I don't want to use VEP, if I don't have too, I am doing this to simplify my current setup with one VEP slave.