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  • Kontakt 7 multi timbral routing to Viennna ensemble pro mixer?

    Using 1 instance Kontakt 7 in vienna ensemble pro and assign the 16 midi channels of Kontakt 7 sampler to the 16 mixer channels of vienna ensemble pro server.

    No idea if this is possible, but it seems like a possible setup routing?

    This should cause the least CPU load?

    How to do this setup this setup ?  

  • Ok, have looked at and tried the 2 methods.

    - method 1) duplicate multi timbral kontakt vst to 16 midi channels

    each midi channel has a multi timbral Kontakt assigned to it

    Can also create a template as an instance on the VEPro server, but needs more CPU power?

    - method 2) multi timbral kontakt vst ( = midi channel 1) adding the 15 midi channels in the mixer.

    ( create a template kontakt rack as an instance on the vepro server , then the output routing to the mixer channels only has to be done once) 

    Just go for this setup because with this there is a lower CPU load? 

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