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  • VEP 7.3 - No Audio Inputs showing in Audio Preferences

    Just bumping this up again. Is there anyone who can shed some light on why Audio interface disappeared after upgrading to VEP 7.3? 


    I've recently updated to VEP 7.3 and I find that I cannot access the Audio inputs from any of my  system audio devices. This is on MacOS 12.6, Intel, with a Roland OctaCapture and other Audio hardware and software routing connected (including BlackHole and SWB Audio Capture). 

    When I try to do so on the "Audio Routing" page, all inputs show as "not connected". No other options are listed (there used to be a drop down menu of inputs when clicked). 

    If I click the "Reset" button, all inputs disappear from the list. 

    How do I regain access to the hardware and software inputs to VEP? 

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