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  • Annoying installation of libraries smart orchestra and epic 2.0 orchestra

    I bought the expansion library of the smartorchestra, but its installlation is not going well, because see no change in the smart orchestra library on the synchron player 

    The epic orchestra library is also gone.

    If all is well, everything should be on my samsung sdd on a drive C  

    Possibly ilok registration also throws a spanner in the works

    In short it is a complete disaster this and the last thing you want to get into. 

  • Hello janamdo, Thanks for reaching out and your purchase in our webshop! Since you haven't activated the license for the VSO ExpansionPack Library, it won't be available in the Synchron Player. Also, this library is an extension for the Vienna Smart Orchestra, but you've registered the Synchron Smart Orchestra, which is a different product. For further support, please reach out to directly. Best, Michael

  • Hello Michael,

    There is a green circle on my account for the VSO ExpansionPack Library : means it should be activated.

    It is also not clear to me what is a content location and what is a product location.

    All libraries are downloaded to one location and then installed automatically ?

    I think there is no activation of the VSO ExpansionPack Library yet.

    Can't find this Ilok library on my computer either 

    Got a folder epic orchestsra 2 which contains : Epic Orchestra iLok

    Have a folder smart orchestra which contains: Synchron smart orchestra -iLok and T06_SY_Smart_Orchestra_Stereo_iLok_SPv3 and Vienna Smart Orchestra-iLok


    Also created a folder with Content location Vienna : what kind of files come in it?


    Best, Jan

  • Hi Jan, According to our database you've now activated the Expansion Pack on your iLok key. Since this platform isn't a support channel but a user forum, please reach out to as mentioned, so we could continue with our help for you personally. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like your VSL account details shared with everybody else here. Here's general information for the public anyway: Best, Michael

  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks, did some with the ilok, update and Epic Orchestra 2.0 was no longer activated ? Strange.

    Activated Epic Orchestra again in Ilok and then it was available.

    Have reinstalled the expension of smart orchestra and activated it in Ilok , but have not seen the expension in operation yet and what to recognize it from.

    Best Jan

  • I think something went wrong 

    - I would have purchased the synchron smart orchestra first 

    - then purchased the expension which would complement the synchron smart orchestra, at least I thought so.


    Now I see to my surprise that there is also a smart orchestra vst version and that is what the expansion is for.  

    Hence a red error message appeared in the expansion for missing instruments,


    so I can't do anything with this expansion .....

  • Hi janamdo, 

    Yes, that combination will not work.

    Please get in touch with, my colleagues will sort this out. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul
    Are there any plans for developing a new  expension for the Synchron Smart Orchestra maybe?

    Best Jan