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  • VE Pro and Cubase

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    Am I correct in saying that, in Cubase, you can't have an Instrument track sending MIDI to VE Pro, and have the audio return to the same track? The only way I've seen to use VE Pro in Cubase requires two tracks per instrument (one for MIDI and one for audio), with all of the associated clutter and double-naming, etc. But I would like to have one track for each instrument, not two. I would like to have the Instrument track send the MIDI to VE Pro, and then have the audio from VE Pro come back to the same Instrument track in Cubase. Pro Tools has been able to do this since version 7, back in 2007. It's kind of baffling that Cubase (and Logic I think) can't do this in 2023. I don't know much about Cubase, so please correct me if I'm mistaken. Thank you.

  • What do you mean by "have the audio from VE Pro come back to the same Instrument track"?

    The Instrument track in Cubase is a combined MIDI/Audio track. Midi is sent to whatever VST is assigned to the track, and the audio output from that VST is sent to the mixer channel for the track. This works the same for VE Pro as for all other VSTs.

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