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  • VE Pro in Pro Tools

    As a Pro Tools user, I couldn't help but notice that the instructions in the VE Pro manual for how to use VE Pro in Pro Tools are not ideal. In the manual, it is suggested that we use two tracks per instrument - a MIDI track and a Stereo Aux track. I believe this is how it is done in Logic and Cubase. However, an Instrument track in Pro Tools combines a MIDI track with an Aux track. This means you need only one track per instrument, not two. Here are the steps:

    1. Start Pro Tools and the Vienna Ensemble Pro SERVER. 
    2. In Pro Tools, create as many stereo Instrument tracks as you will need. You can always change this later. 
    3. In Pro Tools, insert Vienna Ensemble Pro as a multi-channel plug-in on the first Instrument track. 
    4. The server window appears. Click “Connect” and choose a Vienna Ensemble Pro Instance. 
    5. Vienna Ensemble Pro will launch in the background. You see the Vienna Ensemble Pro Plug-in and the 64-bit Vienna Ensemble Pro Server.
    6. In Pro Tools, assign the MIDI OUT of each Instrument track to the desired MIDI port and MIDI channel of Vienna Ensemble Pro. With AAX, the number of MIDI ports can be set in the Vienna Ensemble Pro Server Preferences. 
    7. In Vienna Ensemble Pro, delete the Master Bus and create your instruments. Assign each instrument to the desired MIDI IN port and channel. This connects the MIDI OUT of Pro Tools to the MIDI IN of Vienna Ensemble Pro.
    8. In Vienna Ensemble Pro, for each channel, set the desired AUDIO OUT. This sends audio back to Pro Tools. 
    9. In Pro Tools, assign the AUDIO IN to the desired Vienna Ensemble Pro channel. This completes the loop, bringing audio into Pro Tools. 

    I've attached nine pictures to go along with the instructions. I hope this is useful. 

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