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  • Scala files and Synchron Libraries


    Since microtuning options and Scala (.scl) files loading pertain to Vienna Instrument software only, I wonder if the Synchron libraries might be still available in the pertinent format to be played by the means of VIPro plug-in. If I proeprly remember, those libraries were once available for VI only, during beta testing of the Synchron player.

    Can someone please come back to tell more about it?


  • Hi jediego!

    The short answer for Synchron Libraries is: No, they are not available for the VI Pro Player

    But our SYNCHRON-ized products are based on the original VI Series, and those libraries are available for both Synchron Player & VI Series.


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Thank you Andreas

    Do you mean that when purchasing a SYNCHRON-ized product that licence permits the use of the concerned library for both Synchron Player & VI Series?

    If yes, then I would sell some of the Synchron product and then purchase the -ized one...

    If properly remembered, we have to pass through VSL company in order to sell second hand products/licences but cannot find the info page anymore. Can you fwd the link please?

    Best regards,