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  • Red italics

    See image below:

    I have a problem that I've seen before. My Kontakt instance is failing to load. Its name shows up in red italics with exclamation points before and after. 

    I found one previous forum post that seemed similar, but that user was on a Mac; I'm on Windows 11. 

    My initial question is the general one -- what do the red italics indicate, specifically?

  • Hi!

    Plugins marked like that mean that VE Pro can not find the plugin format that was used in the project at hand. Reasons for that can be:

    - AU Plugins are not available on Windows (if the project was set up like that on a Mac)
    - VST2 vs VST3 (only one is installed or both are missing)
    - VE Pro does not know where to find the plugins (for VST2)


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Thanks Andreas

    That's strange. Kontakt 7 is there in my VST3 folder, but it is not showing up in the VST3 list in VEPro. There's an entry for Kontakt -- which I take to be for the Kontakt Player. 

  • Hi! If you hover over the red plugin you can read what format was used originally. Best to email us at for further troubleshooting!


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
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