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  • Playing VSL Libraries On A Keyboard


    Hi Everybody,

    I have been using VSL with Finale for many years, but have never used a Keyboard to play VSL.

    I just purchased a Native Instruments A61 Key Keyboard Controller and have been unable to get the keys to play a sound., despite the manual, YouTube tutorials, and many other internet sources.

    I think there is something simple that i am overlooking, but ????

    I can use the Keyboard Browser and Encoder (Selection Knob) to select and audition sounds in the Komplete Kontrol Computer App on my iMac Pro   BUT ...  the KB keys don't trigger sounds.

    Do I need to open a DAW (Cubase) or something else to play this in Standalone Mode ??? 

    Any assistance or thoughts would be very much appreciated.


    iMac Pro  with OS 10.15.7

    Native Instruments A61 Key Keyboard Controller

    VEP7 and Synchron Libraries