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    Hi Everybody,  

    I have used VEP7 (and predecessors) for years with Finale, and to a lesser extent Cubase.

    But now, I would like to begin using my VSL & Synchron libraries with a physical keyboard. 

    My purpose would be to use the keyboard like a piano ... to audition the SOUNDS of short phrases (melodic units over harmonies, played with 2 hands) primarily with piano samples, but also possibly with string samples, since they are available.

    For this purpose, I do not need any of the numerous features, capabilities, effects, and articulations of VSL ... just  the great basic sounds.  Consequently I do not need all kinds of buttons, sliders, faders, etc.  Simplicity is more important than functionality.

    A desktop, 49 key (mini or full-size keys), velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted keyboard, with a sustain capability, and both speaker and headphone options seems to be the most efficient option at this point.  Hopefully I would be able to just plug the keyboard into my computer and play.  I don't really know the pros and cons of USB versus Midi setups.


    Dave W


    My Studio setup is as follows ...

    iMac Pro, 64GB,  Mac OS 10.15.7 (Catalina)

    Mac Finale v26     Cubase 10.5 For Mac

    VEP SE Libraries, Synchronized SE Libraries, Various Other VSL Libraries

  • Hi jdw From your post I understand that you are going to use the Synchron player standalone without a DAW to play and experiment with settings. That probably means that you have to program all buttons and sliders coning with your keyboard. and run it in midi mode. I don’t think. you can use automatic button allocations in the Synchron player stand alone. For that you need get to load the plugin into a DAW or use soft and hardware of Native Instruments using NKS. There might be other brands offering automatic button allocation based on NKS like Arturia but I do not know them well. Most Synchronized libraries are NKS compatible so would have automatic button allocation with a Komplete keyboard. Attention however the new Komplete MK3 is not Cubase compatible yet (till end of the year?). Logic and a number of other DAWs are. Finale is not even mentioned in their compatibility list. If you chose another keyboard, a question to answer is how many parameters you are planning to play with? Most keyboards have a mod wheel and at least one fader or touchbar and 4 or more knobs which can be allocated, If you just want the basic modulation, expression, vibrarto and maybe 2-3 more nearly all semi weighted keyboards will do. The Synchron player has very many parameters however especially on the mixer/mike side if you have the full versions of the libraries. If you want to be able to test all parameters (or at least 20 or more) you would need a keyboard which has several pages to program the available buttons. The NI keyboard have that option. Regarding the number of keys 49 is OK to just check out different presets but if you want to play live on a piano you probably need 88 or at least 61 keys. With 88 you would also have access the key switches on the the key board if you play strings. If you have less you have to use some other device like and iPad or some controller with a lot of push buttons. also with several pages to change articulation. Most keyboards have at least 8 buttons which would also be an option to allocate to the basic articulations. However VSL sometimes have more than 256 in string libraries. So you limit you sound checks.


    Thank You Very Much, Mavros, For Your Thorough And Informative Response.

    I was not very clear about what I want to do with a Midi Controller.

    Initially I only want to use a single simple piano sample ... I probably could have bought a small Piano Keyboard.  Assuming the Piano Sample has a decent sound I don't need to do anything other than play it. 

    I don't even intend to record ... just experiment with harmonic ideas.

    I went ahead and bought a Native Instruments A 61 Key Keyboard Controller.  And though I can audition my VSL sounds, I CAN'T GET A SINGLE KEY TO PLAY A NOTE  (despite 10 hours of trying everything).

    I think I will have to start a new topic for this issue


  • Hi JDW,

    > I think I will have to start a new topic for this issue

    Just a quick heads up: This is a user forum and not an official support channel. If you have issues with your instruments, it's best to drop us an email at, and we are happy to help! :-)

    If you are using the Komplete Kontrol software and can preview your sounds but not play the instruments, my best guess is that the samples are not correctly installed or the license is missing.


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing