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  • Synchron Smart Orchestra High CPU

    I am having problems with heavy Synchron Smart Orchestra CPU usage. The first instance that I added in a Studio One 5 template that I was trying to create immediately took up 40% of available CPU without any instruments being used. Just the Tutti and Solo velocity patch loaded. I loaded the standalone version to make sure it wasn't a Studio One problem and I got the same 40% CPU hit. I don't think the problem is the Synchron Player because other libraries (like all the saxophones or BBO Andromeda) have a very low CPU hit. I am wondering if there are effects or something that I should be disabling. I managed to load another three Synchron Smart Orchestra Instances and the CPU stayed at 40% but when I added a fifth it suddenly jumped up to 70%. I have never had this experience with another Synchron Player library. Any advice from fellow users would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.