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  • How to use smart orchestra ?

    It is not yet clear to me how to start using smart orchestra in the Vienna ensemble pro server ?

    - Can I start using 16 midi channels with 1 instance with smart orchestra ?

    Have tried with the vienna Ensemble pro vst plugin, to create 1 midi port and would then be able to control over 16 midi channels, the instruments of smart orchestra.

    Work with Synfire composer in which a Vienna ensemble rack can be created.

    Only Synfire "figure recognition" does not work on all midi tracks and when recording, static note symbols are recorded ( called a take) and that is not the intention, because the figure recognition algorithm has to work.

  • Hi

    I don't know if the software "Synfire-Composer" is suitable to convert midi music into sample based music. But maybe the following approach/info helps. It is not necessary to use Vienna Ensemble! Example: If you have 3 Instruments (Viol1, Viol2, Viola) you can just load 3 Synchron players with those string instrments and connect them directly to the corresponding midi tracks. Then each midi track plays directly the loaded and controlled samples in the corresponding SYNCHRON player. By the way, in this case the midi channel (1-16) does not matter anymore. The synchronous player simply plays the sounds of the midi track to which it is linked.
    Helpfull? If not, sorry.

    Vienna Ensemble can be useful if you want to save a whole string section, for example, or if you have the samples stored on another computer. But basically you can use the SYCHRON-player the same way you use other VST instruments - without Vienna Ensemble.
    When you have gained some practice without VE, you can then try to play synchronous players within Vienna Ensemble.

    All the best


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":