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  • (Too) Soft sound for smart orchestra in my composer program?

    Find the sound volume for smart orchestra on the low side .

    Other Vst in the composer have a much louder output volume 

    The orchestra should pop out of the speaker really loud, but it still sounds too soft now at maximum volume 

    Is the sound volume higher to get for smart orchestra in my composer..How?

  • Hi, 

    We need to leave some headroom, all those instruments quickly add up when you play many notes.

    You could use compression or simply increase the general volume of the Synchron Player to adjust the volume to your liking. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks

    Have the sync player set to master volume max in Cubase with the usb midi controller ur22c set to max volume

    The focal alpha 50 evo boxes can handle much more .

    The orchestra section in the smart orchestra still sounds pretty soft. 

    I wonder if you want to make a serious recording with this with the Smart Orchestra and play this recording on regular speakers if there is enough sound volume from the orchestra to get impressed. ?