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  • Synchron Piano Player read speeds on MacBook Pro M1 Pro too slow

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip with a 1 TB internal SSD. This SSD is formatted as APFS and is meant to be very fast, having read speeds of around 5000 MB/s. 

    However, in Synchron Piano Player I only get read speeds of around 315 MB/s. I find this very strange. 

    I also have an external Samsung T7 1TB SSD drive with very high read speeds. I moved the Bosendorfer Imperial to the T7 thinking that it might solve the issue but now I get even slower speeds at around 180 MB/s! The SSD is formatted as Mac OS Journaled.

    Any tips on how to improve read numbers is highly apprevciated!  

  • Hi Javi,

    The Synchron Player database only does a VERY quick, rudimentary speed test to identify the drive as an SSD or slow, spinning HDD. This does not have any impact on your actual speeds - but it could be an indicator if a drive is inefficiently formatted or possibly connected via a slow port/cable.

    But I don't think that's the case for you. Also, kindly note that so-called sequential read-speeds (= the max. speed you see on product sheets for drives) do not really matter for real-life sample streaming. What really counts is a drive's capability in terms of random read-speeds.

    The relevant question: Do you have performance issues when playing your instrument?

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I do have some performance issues, especially when using the Bosendorfer Imperial piano. I do, however, make use of several microphones - 5 o 6 and have the Max Voices for Mic and Key settings maxed out. When I reduce the amount of mics or Max voices, these issues tend to dimish but not entirely dissapear.

    The M1 Pro Macbook pro is really a blazing fast machine, and so I was assuming that the latest Synchron Piano Player update V.1.3.453 would mitigate a bit the issues via reduced CPU loads given that is the main improvement point of the release, but if anything, I noticed it only made it worse. So I was hoping that maybe there was something wrong in my read out speeds that I could do somethig about, but based on your answer it seems like that is not the case.

    Are there any recommendations you can provide, Andreas. Also, have you experienced the same with V.1.3.453 of the Synchron Piano Player? i.e., CPU performance not really improved vs. the previous version?

    Thank you!

  • Hi JaviAV, 

    If you have the space on your internal drive, please move the data there (with MOVE in the Vienna Assistant)!

    Also: Did you try with different latency settings? With Silicon chips, often low latencies will get you better results. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    The issues I faced originally were when the samples were stored in the internal SSD. But because I was getting those ca. 300MB/s reading speeds, I decided to try the external SSD wich essentially halfed the speed. I have since moved the samples back to the internal SSD and so I'm still facing the same issues. 

    I'm currently using 64ms latency. I think this is the lowest you can get.

    The performance issues seem to be related to how the Piano Player is handling the CPU loads more than the read speeds.

    I seem to have run out of ideas on how to overcome this problem :(

  • Hi, 

    Can you please send an example of what you are playing to, in a sequencer project?
    You also get these performance troubles on playback, correct?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul. I've drop a note to the email address.

    I do hear cracks and pops when I play some pieces in my VPC1 with repetitive, compounding chords e.g., Chopin's Prelude in E minor. The problem becomes really noticiable when playing very demanding pieces in Logic X i..e, Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu in C sharp. After a few seconds of that piece being played by the sequencer, I have to stop it all together because of the amount of distortion.

    Thanks, and hoping for some useful suggestions!

  • Hi Javi, 

    Thanks for sending the MIDI file over, the Logic file would have been more helpful, as I could see your mixer settings. 

    I can see how these pieces will bring the performance to a limit, with the pedaling and 6 stereo channels streaming simultaneously. 

    I know that's not what you want to hear, but I'm afraid the only solution is to find a more economic mix for live-playing that will result in a similar sound. You should be fine with 3-4 stereo channels, I believe. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul. Let me send you the Logic file later today so you can let me know what you think from it.

    Thanks for your view on this so far.