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  • Need Help in Choosing a Single Roompack for MIR Pro 3D

    I won a MIR Pro 3D license plus a single room pack in a competition(!), so I need some help in deciding which room pack to choose.


    I would be using the room pack mostly for videogame soundtracks of various genres and for library production music. Which single roompack would be the best choice?


    I currently don’t have time to demo MIR and roompacks, so I have to rely on listening to the audio examples on the VSL website and on recommendations of other users who have been using various roompacks for a long time and have had the chance to compare them in various situations and see which ones work and sound the best and which ones they end up using the most.


    Out of the two available scoring stages, the Teldex and Synchron stage, I am assuming that Synchron would be a better choice since it was probably sampled in much more detail than the Teldex stage (Roompack 6 is 13 GB in size, which is larger than the entire Roompack 2 which contains multiple rooms), plus I have seen that MIR users seem to recommend it more.


    - I like the clarity of the Synchron stage, but a possible downside to it is that while it sounds wide and stereo, it seems to me that I don’t hear much front-back depth in the audio examples, and I also hear a bit of a boxyness. What are your opinions on it when compared to the Teldex stage and to other room packs?


    Halls from room packs 7 and 4 sound like they have more front-back depth than the Synchron stage, and so they seem more 3D, especially room pack 7 which seems to sound the most open and 3D, with both stereo width and front-back depth (the halls from room pack 4 don’t sound as wide as room packs 7 and 6).


    - But since they are concert halls, I don’t know would they be fitting for a soundtrack type of sound and would they be as flexible as a scoring stage due to having more dense reverberations and as a result less clear of a sound.


    - Can they be made to sound less dense and clearer and more like a scoring stage if needed, by reducing the reverb time and the wet-dry ratio, or by changing other parameters?


    Can you by changing the reverb time make the Synchron Stage and the hall from room pack 7 sound as a smaller or bigger space (ranging from a small studio to a big concert hall or something even bigger than that) to match the sound you want in a mix? Would I be able to get that much flexibility out of a single room pack by tweaking the settings, when that single roompack would be the only one I have for quite some time?


    Since I can choose only one room pack, which one would you recommend as the best-sounding and most flexible for getting both the soundtrack sound and if possible also use it for many different genres of music?

  • Welcome BGM,

    you were posting the same question on VI Control forum. I saw it there first, which is why I posted my response there as well:



    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks very much Dietz!